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Cruise Ship Tourism

The cruise ship industry, is the fastest growing segment in the travel industry.Unlike the use of planes on air or rail/ road trips on land, in promoting tourism, the cruise ship tourism, has experienced an uprise in the number of passenger’s tourists who prefer to travel around the world using the cruise ship facilities. With the cost of maintenance of the other infrastructure to accommodate air and land travel, more preference has been directed towards the cruise ship industry.

The impact has been felt far and wide in particular environments. The local locality has experienced the influx of tourists and the trade in between increased between the tourists and local traders.

The impact economically has been advantageous to the local port which has uplifted the level of activities associated with having to pass on tourism in exchange for money. Governments that have improved their infrastructure to capture the interest of the cruise industry have gained a lot through exchange and long-term strategy.

The amenities offered on board could again be of superior quality than what is offered at some of the local ports and going with the image advertised, they would prefer to use their infrastructure.

It is a costly affair of protectionism but with great returns, financially. The industry relies heavily on under the flag of convenience usually with questionable labor and work safety standards and often have no legal obligation on minimum wage enforcement when having locals work in their ships.The CSI lobbying has enabled its ships to avoid paying all destination taxes and pollution fees during their cross international border travel, making the local jurisdiction difficult in enforcing them to pay.

These brings about animosity with the local hotels, having the same line of tourism as the hotel.

The impact is enormous, outstretching the facilities available to capacity.

Contagious diseases can likely be picked by passenger’s while in contact with the local people and without regulation the likely hood of spread of disease from locals to the passenger’s who will again board without inspection will discharge diseases from the board and vis verse, giving the local port a challenge that they never planned for especially with the onset of numerous dangerous outbreaks of diseases, again with security lapse the chances of stowaways gaining access to the cruise ships without the knowledge of both local authorities will be embarrassing if they get to be captured by authorities of other countries where the ship has a stopover.

The industry needs to take a cue from the airline industry and put measures that will prevent any acts of terrorism.

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